Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Summer Salad

I make this salad allllllll summer long.  
I usually make one big batch and just keep adding whatever garden vegetables I get to the brine as the jar becomes empty. 
 It's delicious, refreshing, and super healthy....
It's my garden fresh Summer Salad!

For two quarts start with:
About four cucumbers          Four cloves of garlic
         One red onion                       Celery and Mustard Seeds
One bell pepper                     White vinegar
Sea Salt or Kosher Salt

Feel free to adjust this basic recipe to your taste.  
Sometimes I like it more spicy so I'll just add 
red pepper flakes or fresh peppers.

Chop onion and bell pepper into thin strips then crush the garlic with the blade of your knife.  Cut cukes into bite sized pieces.

Put two cloves of garlic into each of your jars
then put a teaspoon each of mustard seed and celery seed 
into the jars.  
Add one heaping teaspoon of salt.
Some variations of this recipe also call for adding sugar.  
I'm trying to cut sugar from my diet so I don't add any.  
Honestly, I don't think it needs it,
but suit it to your taste.

(Someone doesn't like the smell of garlic....She can't be my kid!)

Next, layer the vegetables in the jars.
You can use anything!
Tomatoes, green beans, summer squash, zucchini,
okra, carrots...literally anything!

Pour a cup of white vinegar into each jar and fill with distilled water.  Secure the lid tightly and give a good shake to mix the ingredients and dissolve the salt.  
I leave these on my counter all day (about 12 hours) and shake them often during the day.  
After that, pop them in the fridge and enjoy!
As we eat them down and the jars empty, I just add more cut veggies to the brine.  

Enjoy on hamburgers, sandwiches, grilled meats, 
or just straight out of the jar!
Just enjoy these delicious flavors of summer
while they last.

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