Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm not green...I'm just cheap!

There is something about a Swiffer duster and mop that just make the kids want to clean! A while back, I posted about making your own REUSABLE dusters (Click here for the tutorial!) This morning I sewed a few more dusters for our stash when I thought, hey, why not make some mop replacements, too? You'll need half a yard of that fuzzy fleece blanket material-it will make about six mops!
First, take your mop head and cut around it leaving approx. 3-4 inches extra for the width:

Fold the ends over the mop and pin, then sew around the outer edges to make a pocket for your mop:

Slip in the mop head and you're ready to clean! When you're done, just throw them in the washer!
The kids LOVE to dust and mop with these things! Maybe it's the supa-stylish colors:

Or maybe it's simply because they make really good weapons after you're done cleaning!

Here's another fabulous tip for all my peeps! Here is a picture of my extremely disgusting microwave:
Embarrassing isn't it? Well, you just fill a cup with water and put in a few slices of citrus zest:

Cook for five minutes and then let the cup sit in the microwave for ten minutes to "steam" the inside. All that crap and crud just melts and easily wipes off with a paper towel! It also leaves behind a nice citrus smell!

I really like this method because there are no chemicals involved that might leach into our food, it REALLY works well....and it's totally cheap!
My work here is done....now go clean your house!!!


Linda said...

It must be the 'underdog costumes' that make them work! they rock!

JoAnnC. said...

JP is obsessed with Underdog! I had made him the t-shirt that morning, and of course, Danny had to have one too! Hey, I'm not above bribery to get my kids to clean house!

Unknown said...

Loved this so much I featured it on my Top 5 Pins of the Week! So helpful!