Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Batter UP!

Our life revolves around baseball at the moment.  
Kyle is now part of a homeschool high school baseball team.  
It's serious competition at this level, 
and serious commitment on the part of this mama.  
With practices and games all throughout the Houston area, we're in the car far more than we are at home!  Kyle is loving it and we are so blessed by a wonderful coaching staff and Christian homeschooling families.  
Looking forward to seeing him grow as a player and as a young man!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The hunt

This past weekend, Kyle participated in a 
hunt and harvested his first doe.

Please stop reading now if you are squeamish about blood or dead animal carcasses.

We found out about the Texas Youth Hunting Program during a basic hunter's education class offered by the 
Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.  
This program is for children ages 9-17 and educates them not only about hunting but conservation, habitat, and ethical decisions regarding hunting.
In addition to the Hunt Masters, wildlife biologists and land owners also participate in the hunts and teach these young hunters how wildlife management promotes conservation and health of the species.

It's not just about the kill, 
it's about the harvest. 

It's about the legacy of hunting in Texas, 
and insuring quality wildlife for future generations.

It's about equipping young hunters with the skills necessary to process their harvest and feed their families.

And for Kyle and Doug, 
it was an awesome father/son bonding experience.
Memories that will last a lifetime were made this weekend.

And thank you to their guide and Hunt Master, Doug, 
and hunt hosts Shirley & Harry.
You made quite an impact in the life 
of an awesome young man.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy birthday, Macho Beast!

Happy 9th birthday 
to our sweet Danny!

The other night we were driving home and I told him, 
"I'm sad you're turning nine years old, you won't be my little baby bluebird anymore!"  

Dan says, "That's right, mama, 

When we got home, the beast went straight to the kitchen to get started on his birthday cake.  We discovered an awesome trick to making multicolored cakes that I had to pass along.  
The pictures for this tutorial are for a camouflage colored cake, but using the same technique, you could also do a rainbow, ombre, or any other color combination  you can think of.  

First step, whip up your favorite plain vanilla cake recipe.

Then divide the batter into four smaller bowls, 
about a cup of batter in each bowl.

Butter and flour your baking pan and then tint each bowl of batter.  For a camo cake, we did tan, brown, dark and light green.

Drop batter by large spoonfuls 
(next time I'll use an ice cream scoop!) 
into the pan and bake according to your cake recipe directions.

Dan wanted a Minecraft themed cake 
and decorated it all by himself!

The cake came out delicious and was a big hit with the other Minecraft addicts in the house.

Happy birthday, Macho Beast, but remember,
you'll always be mama's little baby blue bird!

Monday, January 13, 2014

You GLOW, girl!

They say that a journey of a thousand miles
 begins with a single step.  
For me, this journey began with a hospitalization.  
In May of 2013, I was hospitalized for hypertensive crisis. 
 I had blood pressures at 190's over 125.  I was discharged home on four different blood pressure medications.  
I felt like I was dying.

I knew I had to make some big changes in my life and one of those changes was exercise.  I have always loathed exercise but figured I could at least start by walking around my neighborhood...
and so, I took my first step.

I will never forget that first lap around the block!  
I was so short of breath and in some serious pain, I really didn't think I could make it back home, but I kept on going because I was either going to die outside walking or I was going to die doing nothing at home.

It got easier as the days and weeks passed.  
One lap turned into two...then three....then four.

And now I'm up to walking 3+ miles, 2-3 times a week.  
My health is so much better, I don't feel like I'm dying, and I don't take blood pressure medicine anymore!

This weekend I participated in my first 5k, The Glow Run!
So what if I walked the entire thing?  
and in under and hour which was my goal.

I still have a long way to go in this journey to get healthy, and with the support of my family, I'll get there.  
The boys had so much fun at the Glow Run that they've already picked out our next 5k:

If you're in the Houston area, join us!
It all begins with a single step...

Monday, January 6, 2014

The handmade closet

In a world filled with midriff tops 
and hip hugger skinny jeans, 
it's a comfort to this mama 
to make modest dresses for her little girl.

 Little girls should look like little girls
don't you agree?

fits the bill oh, so perfectly!

Over the weekend I was able to make two dresses and two adorable blouses for Miss Mary Grace.  
She loved her dresses, especially the pink one, 
and proceeded to fill her pockets with all sorts of treasures...
like LEGOs and peanuts!

I love the simple, modest style and ease of construction.
I also love adding little embellishments like vintage buttons...

and little love notes for my lovely!