Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lettuce Celebrate!

I've finally figured out the perfect way to grow lettuce.
Apparently, you just sew the seeds and FORGET about them for the next few weeks!
In years past, I cut the young and tender outer leaves to eat - never letting the plant grow really big. This year my lettuce patch (as well as rest of the garden) has been horribly neglected....and that's what they like!
It's sooo goood cutting fresh, cold, crunchy greens from the garden in the dead of winter...

Just wish I could grow some tomatoes and cucumbers to go along with it!

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Rachel said...

You have lettuce covering the ground. I've got, for the third time in just under 6 weeks, snow. At least three inches so far. And it is still coming down. Has been since mid-morning.

I kwym about the tomatoes and cukes. Mercy, a good home-grown salad right now..with some croutons...and some good salad dressing? Nummy.