Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Bapron

I had planned to spend my spare time this week in the yard, there is much weeding and mulching to be done. But my aspirations were much more than my aching back could stand, so I spent Wednesday inside at the sewing machine. I had some fat quarters that I wanted to use up and found the PERFECT project for them: 


It's a bib, it's an apron, it's GENIUS!
It fits securely, looks fabulous, and I sewed these three beauties in an hour.  Get the free pattern and tutorial at 

I see many, many more of these cute baprons in our future!  I just hope little miss Mary Grace will be cooperative with her nap time so mommy can sew.  
needle and thREAD


Linda said...

The fabric in the middle is gorgeous! Where did you get that; do you remember?

JoAnnC. said...

It is a fat quarter from either Walmart or Hob Lob, not sure which! I've had it for a while.

The Little House That Grew said...

OK...Those are AWESOME. I am so heading to get the pattern RIGHT NOW. I LOVE THOSE!! 3 in an hour...amazing!! Great job and thanks for sharing!!

Jen said...

This is awesome!!! I have a baby shower next month and I think these will be included with the gift!!

Anonymous said...

These are really cute with a pair of bloomers they would make a nice sun suit or even swim suit, Can you enlarge it for a women's apron? Just an idea. Course putting iy on that sweet overly cute model doesn't hurt!!! Thanks!!! Sarah