Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy birthday, Macho Beast!

Happy 9th birthday 
to our sweet Danny!

The other night we were driving home and I told him, 
"I'm sad you're turning nine years old, you won't be my little baby bluebird anymore!"  

Dan says, "That's right, mama, 

When we got home, the beast went straight to the kitchen to get started on his birthday cake.  We discovered an awesome trick to making multicolored cakes that I had to pass along.  
The pictures for this tutorial are for a camouflage colored cake, but using the same technique, you could also do a rainbow, ombre, or any other color combination  you can think of.  

First step, whip up your favorite plain vanilla cake recipe.

Then divide the batter into four smaller bowls, 
about a cup of batter in each bowl.

Butter and flour your baking pan and then tint each bowl of batter.  For a camo cake, we did tan, brown, dark and light green.

Drop batter by large spoonfuls 
(next time I'll use an ice cream scoop!) 
into the pan and bake according to your cake recipe directions.

Dan wanted a Minecraft themed cake 
and decorated it all by himself!

The cake came out delicious and was a big hit with the other Minecraft addicts in the house.

Happy birthday, Macho Beast, but remember,
you'll always be mama's little baby blue bird!

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Therese R said...

Happy birthday Danny. It only seems like yesterday, I was pregnant with Chris and you with Danny. I remember hoping Chris would come a few weeks early too but he took his time.