Friday, February 19, 2016

"Recovering" and Crafting

Usually, on Mondays, I recover from my work weekends. 

And when I say "recover" I mean catch up on laundry, clean the house that the kids wrecked, and stock the empty fridge.

But THIS past Monday we packed up our beach chairs and snacks and headed down to Matagorda Beach for the day.

I did nothing but sip iced tea and dig my toes into the sand.

The kids played in the freezing water, painted seascapes, 
collected shells...

and dug three feet deep holes in the sand!

There wasn't a soul around for miles.
Just us and the sound of the waves crashing.
Now that's what I call "recovery!"

We came home with lots of treasures that day.

I have a shell wind chime that Doug bought me in Galveston last year.  I absolutely love it and thought that I could create my own version. 

 It couldn't be more simple!
All you need are your shells, driftwood, a drill with a small bit, 
and some fishing line.

Just drill holes in your shells, thread and knot them along the fishing line, and tie your strands off on a large piece of drift wood.

I added glass beads for a bit of color and sparkle.

And when the wind blows, the sound takes me right back 
to our spot on the beach!
I'm thinking "Matagorda Mondays"
might just become a thing, y'all!

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