Sunday, February 18, 2007

For every thing there is a season...

I am SO excited today! Doug finally tilled up a garden for me! Ever since moving to the country I have been itching to get my hands dirty and make a huge vegetable garden and pumpkin patch. I have been pouring over seed catalogs for weeks and have finally made my purchases. I'm going to start my tomato seedlings in about two weeks so I told Doug I really needed my garden tilled soon. We placed it in sort of a "limbo" area of our yard. It is actually between the yard and the hayfield that backs up to our place. It'll be perfect because it's not a grassy place, and there are tons of organic matter all ready there! I'm going to journal my first gardening adventure here online, as well as the canning of the fruits of my labor...we'll see how it goes!
Here's a pic of Doug hard at work tilling! I'll make a country boy outta him yet!
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Also, here is a pic of my latest plantings. We were at Home Depot and they had their bare root roses for $2.99 and I got four. When I planted them three weeks ago, they looked dead! They have just come alive and are full of new shoots. They even survived the past three nights of freezing temps (well covered of course!) The roses on each end are "climbers" called St. Joseph's Coat. I'm hoping to train them up and over the clothes line polls to cover them up. The ones in the middle are standard white roses. I've also planted three blueberry bushes, they're pretty much just sticks at this point, so no pics included (I can't wait to make homemade blueberry pancakes for the kids!)
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stecho said...

JoAnn - I am so jealous!!! One, I am looking at piles of snow. Two, we live in a town home so no garden.

I love the pic of Danny and you.. :)