Wednesday, February 28, 2007

They that sow in tears shall reap joy. ~Psalms 126:5

That quote has new meaning for me today!
Yesterday we did quite a bit out in the yard and today my back and shoulders are paying for it!

Doug got the tiller out one more time and tilled a bed for me that will be our new Mary garden. It is located between the house and the garage and I can look out on it from my kitchen window. It doesn't look like much now, but I did plant four roots of pink and white 'Bleeding hearts' and two roots of Nikko Blue hydrangea.
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I also got my vegetable garden hoed and covered in black plastic. The plastic (hopefully) will keep me from having to weed and water so much this summer! I put down boards between my rows so we could walk and not tear the plastic. If you're thinking this garden is big....yup, it is! It measured 12X20!!! I know that is HUGE for a first time garden...but I've always been an over achiever!
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My seedlings have sprouted! I'm so excited!!!
After a few more weeks they'll be ready to put into the garden. I can almost taste that fresh salsa now!
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So for our out of town friends and family reading this, plan your visit for mid summer. I'll let you take home whatever you can carry!

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Bluejae said...

Wow I am jealous. My attempts last year flooded. Good luck, and we may have to make a road trip ;-)