Saturday, February 17, 2007

Trust in the Lord with all your heart...

My little Kyle has been so sick! For three days now he has suffered from nausea, vomitting, headaches, dizziness. Last night, while I was at work, Doug stayed up with him until 3 a.m. The poor baby was as sick as he has ever been in his whole life! After one particulary vicious bout of vomitting, he looked up at his daddy and said, "would you please pray a Rosary for me?" Doug said his heart nearly broke into a million pieces as he choked back the tears in offering his son the only comfort he could in praying for him. Those prayers worked and Ky managed to slip off into a quiet sleep.
When I got home this morning (from working the night shift!) Kyle said his ear hurt very badly. We managed to get him to the doctor who diagnosed him with a severe ear infection. It was so bad that it caused his equilibrium to be off and thus the nausea, etc... During the exam, though, the doctor couldn't see his eardrum due to wax build up, dirt, and all sorts of other goodies little country boys accumulate, so he had to wash out his ear. Now if you are faint of heart, just stop reading now! I'll spare you most of the gory details, but I will tell you that baby suffered more during that treatment than I suffered giving birth to all four of my sons! When his ear was evacuated, the doc was kind enough to put in some anesthetic drops!
When we got home, we loaded Ky up with antibiotics and a nice dose of Phenergan DM (thanks again to the good doc!) and he has slept going on 12 hours now (with the occasional bathroom break and popsicle or two!)
And through all of this, I gained a life lesson from the Lord.
In seeing my baby suffer, I cannot help but think about the Blessed Mother in watching her own Child suffer. Kyle was crying, shaking, and sometimes screaming while the doc was evacuating his ear, but there was nothing Doug or I could do but stand there and watch and hold his hand. The Blessed Mother couldn't even do that, she had to watch her Son being tortured from afar. I cannot even begin to imagine her sorrow....
I learned that through the suffering and pain, healing can begin. It's true for so many things in our life. Coming through that pain will help Kyle to be a stronger person, in the midst of his suffering he asked his daddy to go to the Lord on his behalf. He "walked with Christ" in his suffering for just a short time at the doctor's office. His brothers are learning a lesson in charity and servitude in helping their brother get well here at home. And I got a glimpse of a mother's love for her Divine Son.
Yes, trust in the Lord with all your heart! He is so good to allow us these lessons!

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