Thursday, May 31, 2007

John Paul-isms

John Paul is one funny kid! Everyday Doug and I catch ourselves saying, "Did you hear what JP came up with today?" So I thought I'd list a few of our John Paul-isms!

Neighbor: "John Paul is such a pretty name! Tell me, are you named after the Pope?"
JP: "Yep, can you guess which one?"


Neighbor: "John Paul, you have the prettiest blue eyes! What color eyes does Ryan have?"
JP: "Brown"
Neighbor: "What color eyes does Kyle have?"
JP: "Blue"
Neigbor: "What color eyes does Daniel have?"
JP: "Blue"
Neighbor: "O.K., so that's one brown and three blue eyes."
JP: "NO! Danny has TWO blue eyes, not THREE!"


Me: "John Paul, were you a good boy at baby sitting today?"
JP: "Yes, I was very good....I didn't sit on any babies!"


Neighbor: "John Paul, what does your mommy do at her work?"
JP: "She's a nurse....and she sells babies!"
(Thank goodness Ryan was there and clarified that I *deliver* babies, not sell them!)


Friend: She noticed his St. Rita medal and said, "John Paul, are you a Catholic?"
JP: "Yes.....but just a little bit."


Some things you might not know about JP:
If John Paul doesn't like something, he'll tell you he's "allergic" to it.
He loves, loves, LOVES Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, his lunchbox, and money.
Little Danny is his BEST friend.
When he's outside, he digs in any dirt he can find!

My silly boy:
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Therese said...

lol. Glad that you deliver babies rather than sell them. How old is John Paul?