Thursday, January 17, 2008

Out in the garden...

This is what happens when you neglect your garden for a week!
Your broccoli goes to flower:

and your cabbage splits open:

Thankfully, the brussel sprouts don't mind being neglected!

I guess I'm spending the afternoon trying to salvage what I can and freeze it! While I'm in the garden, I'll also be snipping rose hips. You can snip and clean these little goodies and dry them in brown paper bags over the next few weeks.
When dried, you can steep them in boiling water for a mild woodsy tea that is packed with vitamin C! Just in time for cold season!


MamaEscandon said...

I think you have a wonderful garden! I have some tomatoes... but I think they are dying. It may be getting too cold. I am going to try and cover them with cardboard and see if I can bring them back to life. I also have some red leaf lettuce. Do you have any ideas for keeping the critters from eating it? I think I might have some bugs... but I would prefer not to use pesticides.

JoAnnC. said...

You can make "bug spray" with stuff from your pantry! Put some garlic, cayenne pepper, tobassco and a little water in the blender then strain into a spray bottle. Spritz your plants and the bugs will stay away! Reapply after rain. Also, check out for great garden tips!

Therese said...

I have passed an award onto your blog JoAnn. Please see my blog for details.