Monday, April 21, 2008

At work in the garden!

The garden is coming along great! Today we finished up the cucumber and cantaloupe trellises and caged all the tomatoes!

I absolutely LOVE how these little boogers just *know* how to grab on to something and grown on it!

We also put manure and black plastic over the area we will be planting our watermelon patch! A few good days of bright sunshine and the soil will be warm and moist for planting.

Doug also got me another apple tree. The one I already had was a Golden Dorsett. I don't think Doug likes the idea of eating yellow apples, so he purchased this Red Delicious to go along with it!

I think I'll brew a pitcher of tea and sit outside and watch the plants grow!


MamaEscandon said...

wow, I have a TON to learn from you JoAnn... btw, do you have any books to recommend for me to read?

JoAnnC. said...

Start with Square Foot Gardening. I think that would be perfect for your type of back yard. I just started at the library and picked books that looked interesting. It's also a lot of trial and error!