Saturday, April 26, 2008

Yard Sale Saturday!

Not a bad weekend for this yard sale junkie! Ryan and I went out Friday morning and scored this cute little side table (for a mere five bucks!)

I think I'm going to take some heavy grade sand paper to it and scuff it up a bit instead of painting it. We also got this very cool magazine rack for three bucks.

After a torrential storm last night with the rain continuing this morning, I thought the sales would be canceled, but we found ONE that was open and I got these amazing brass candle sticks for only ten bucks!

Now to find some big chunky candles in fabulous colors to top them with!
Not a bad haul for only 18 bucks!


celticcherokee said...

ok, that's it! I'm going down there to shop with you! (except we'd probably end up fighting over the same items!)
The candle sticks are particularly fabulous!

CassB said...

I need to go yard sale-ing with you!!!! You always find such cool stuff for cheap!