Friday, April 18, 2008

A sign?

I had to feed my addiction and make rounds to all the local thrift stores today. I walked into one and literally gasped when I saw these two precious statues standing together!

They are old and heavy and chipped and I LOVE them! I immediately knew the female was St. Therese (what good Catholic wouldn't know that one?) but I wasn't quite sure who the male was, so I turned him over...

I literally gasped again! We just lost our little Dominic at 11 weeks gestation and here I am holding a statue of the saint he is named after!
I'm taking it as a sign from God that all is well and my child is safely in the arms of his Heavenly Father.
I don't think the St. Therese statue is any coincidence either! Several months ago, my friend Dani from DCF mailed us a package with all sorts of wonderful holy cards, blessed salts and holy water. The day we found out we had lost our Dominic, this card found its way to my nightstand:

All those long days and nights that I layed in bed and cried, I would look at this card and know that so many people were praying for me when I couldn't even pray for myself. I took the greatest comfort in that!
Therese is also my Confirmation name.
I don't believe in coincidence. And I don't believe that God shouts when He speaks...He whispers...and if you listen closely enough, you can hear Him.
I think He whispered to me today...and my soul is comforted.


MamaCaudle said...

That is awesome. Definitely a sign. Little Dominic is looking down on y'all right now while lying in Mary's arms.

God bless your beautiful family, today and everyday.

Therese said...

oh JoAnn. I have goosbumps. Definitely a sign from God.

Lilder said...

Like Therese... Goosepumps! Dominic is home and loving his parents from God's arms.