Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Learning Catechism Through Lapbooking

We are beginning the process of preparing John Paul for his First Holy Communion. His (7th) birthday falls in October, so by starting now as part of our homeschooling, he'll be ready by next spring. JP is a very kinetic learner so I thought that lapbooking would be the perfect way to get him to learn his catechism. We just finished his first book, the story of Creation, and will begin his book on the Old Testament next.
Lapbooking is not only a wonderful way for children to learn, it is also a record of the journey of his first Holy Communion preparation. At the end of the year we will have all these great books to show Father and JP will be able to recount each subject of the catechism easily through his work. It will also be a precious memento to show his own children one day!
I got the template for our creation lapbook HERE.
There are also Catholic lapbooking subjects HERE (and at very reasonable prices I might add!)
It was a really fun project for the both of us!

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