Monday, June 30, 2008

My new favorite blog!

If you love gardening, you must go check out Urban Ministry Garden Blog
Here's an excerpt from their "About Our Community Garden" page:

"Our garden is a garden first, and other things second. It exists to serve the neighbors (as we call those who come to us seeking help, rather than label them “homeless” or “clients” or some such thing. As in “love your neighbor as yourself”). Probably, the most important benefit is the chance for people, homed and not, to work side-by-side, talking person to person. Yes, we also harvest some delicious organic food - and it makes a huge difference that we grew it ourselves. And we are always learning. Some people may well learn enough here to begin doing horticultural work as a livelihood. But, above all, this is our garden, a safe place for healing, reflection, laughter, beauty, work and a “ministry of presence”."

I just smile as I read each blog entry! It gives me hope to do something like this in my own community. This year I really wanted to do something like this for our neighborhood. Just a small garden for folks to come work and talk. I thought about how fun it would be for all the neighborhood kids to join in and learn about organic gardening and help them develop a good work ethic. Even though we live in a small neighborhood (about 20 houses) we still don't know a lot of our neighbors! I think this would be a wonderful project for people to come together and learn about each other as well as harvest some good food! I'm seriously going to contemplate this for next spring. There is no reason this wouldn't also work at our church. We have lots of land surrounding it and lots of able bodied persons to help out.
I just love this blog and it gives me hope and encouragement to do the same thing in our community! Check it out!

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