Sunday, April 5, 2009

What I found over the weekend

I hit three estate sales and one school surplus sale over the weekend. I didn't find a goldmine of goodies, but I did find some nice items for our home.
At one sale I found some awesome kitchen supplies. I got these very well seasoned cast iron skillets and one bread baking pan. I also got a counter mounted meat grinder still mint in the package...a 1960's package!

At the same place I found a lovely pink and white crocheted afghan.
Danny put it to use first thing this morning.

At another sale I found a wonderful stash of vintage linens.
I can already see a tiered skirt and some pillow case dresses from these!

At the same sale I found some flour sack dishtowels ~ some with chickens, some with flowers.

Also some hand made doilies and these awesome pink bowls.

At the school surplus sale I got a VERY heavy wooden desk and table for a STEAL at only 10 bucks each!
My goal this week is to get them cleaned and sanded. I may leave the desk as it is but I have plans to paint the table a high gloss black.

I also snagged a HUGE wall map of the world for Danny and JP's room. I think it will look awesome mounted on the wall and framed out with molding.

Doug and the boys are running to Houston for the day so just as soon as I finish my chores around the house I'll be starting some great new projects! I'll keep you posted on how they turn out!

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Kalona said...

Wow, you did find some wonderful things! Way to go!