Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our garden ~ week 1

Well I FINALLY got the garden put in and we are on week one of growth. All the seeds germinated and the seedlings tolerated transplanting, we are off to a pretty good start!
Here's my little Meyer lemon tree with lots of baby lemons growing. The blooms on this tree smell incredible, you can smell it all over the backyard!

Here's a big pic of the garden. Everything is sprouted and growing great! Barring any blustery winds, heavy rain storms, or very late season freeze they should do well. Doug made me three garden boxes for kitchen herbs, cantaloupe, and watermelons. I think they look very pretty with the garden!
Here's a pic of my kitchen herb garden, I absolutely LOVE it! Growing here are dill, sage, lemon thyme, basil, parsely, bee balm and lemon balm (for my very own homemade teas!), and cilantro.
In a few weeks we'll be harvesting lots of beautiful, organic vegetables. Hundreds of dollars worth of produce from less than $15 dollars worth of seeds!
Plus saving me lots of $$$ in therapy bills, too, if truth be told! LOL!

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