Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gardening on the cheap!

Most garden departments have a "clearance rack" of dying plants. Most of the time the plants are out of season or diseased, but every once in a while you can score a GREAT bargain!

I checked out the Walmart garden center's clearance plants (usually tucked waaay in the back corner) and found some Knock Out Roses marked half off and some canna tubers for 75% off!

These plants are a REAL bargain because they grow year round here in Texas. Knock Out Roses are virtually disease free and they're pretty hard to kill (not temperamental at all like traditional roses!) and after a good pruning they'll bloom back beautifully. Cannas grow anywhere that is hot and sunny and they are beautiful tropical plants. They are perennial and will grow back and multiply year after year. After a good 12 hour soak, these tubers will be ready to plant.

Look for plants that are perennial or grow year round in your area. Most of the time you can nurse these sicklings back to health. Over watering, not enough sunlight, or simply being "pot bound" are reasons these plants get tossed aside. Don't waste time with annuals, they don't bloom year after year and you'll be wasting your money.
So check out the clearance rack next time you visit your local nursery, you might find some real treasures in the rough!

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Kathy B. said...

Thanks for the tip about Walmart. I'll have to check it out!