Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What four days of neglect gets you.....

I was a little concerned about my garden while I was working in Minnesota. The assignment was only four days and I figured Doug and the boys could handle picking a few ripe veggies, right?
Doug emailed me and told me he picked the most beautifully ripe bowl FULL of green beans. He was so proud of himself (he usually stays out of my garden!) and couldn't wait to show me his superb gardening skills.

I came home to this:
Beautiful, isn't it?

The problem is that those aren't green beans.
They are immature black eyed peas that are supposed to look like this:

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!

This is what he missed:

I suppose I should be happy the house was clean and the kids were still alive!

Just kidding! Doug did an excellent job of taking care of things while I was gone. Personally, I could NOT have made it through my first travel assignment without his love, support, and prayers. It was only four days, but I've never been away from my Doug or our boys that long. My Doug E. Poo made it easier to do what I needed to do to help take care of our family.

He's the BEST...even if he does have a brown thumb!

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