Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The perfect little seed pot!

I recently received my shipment of medicinal herb seeds from Richters and wanted to pot them up but didn't have any of those handy little Jiffy Peat Pots (or the funds to go buy them along with potting soil!) I figured there MUST be a frugal way to make your own, and after a quick search, I found THIS AWESOME YOUTUBE TUTORIAL!

The pots went together very quickly and I made my own potting medium using some garden soil and compost then set about planting my seeds. Even after watering, the pots held together extremely well!
I set them in a plastic container to keep the sides reinforced. Also, I can put the lid on this container to act as a mini-greenhouse until my seeds sprout!
Here you see: boneset (fever remedy), mullein (for earaches and an expectorant), ecchinacea (for bacterial and viral infections), arnica (muscular pain and trauma), and toothache plant (leaves have an anesthetic effect when chewed and relieves toothache pain. Also an antibiotic against candida).
Here is a peek at my established medicinal herb box I started last year: feverfew (for headaches), chamomille (calming tea), elecampagne (expectorant for bronchitis and antiviral), evening primrose (anti inflammatory), and all heal (like the name says! Cleans the lymphatic system) All the plants are perennial so no need to sow them year after year.
I use the dried leaves, roots, or flowers in teas, tinctures, and poultices depending on the plant....and it all starts with that one little seed!
Who needs to go to the doctor when you can grow your own pharmacy?

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Candi said...

We made these too this year! I used old plastic mini blinds as the plant markers and wrote on them with a sharpie marker. It worked great!

zentmrs said...

What a great idea! I may just use that this week with some seeds that I have. Thanks for sharing!

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

Most excellent little seedling pot post I've ever seen. I will truly use this clever idea, thanks a lot!

Paula said...

How very clever! Thanks for shairng, Paula form Idaho

Jami said...

I loved how you used what you had around! I'm also hoping you will share how you prepare and use each plant for medicinal purposes- that would be so useful! Thanks for sharing at the Tuesday Garden Party.

Southern Fried Gal said...

What an adorable idea! Please come share with my readers and my Garden Party! Have a blessed weekend!