Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Morning Glories

I've always loved Morning Glories. I even put packets of their seeds in our May baskets that we handed out. I planted several thinking that I would have these gorgeous lush vines dotted with beautiful blue flowers growing along the house by our back porch. I had visions of morning solitudes, sipping a cup of tea on the porch while enjoying the flowers...like my very own personal English garden.

Instead, I got THIS:

Not very impressive, is it?

Funny thing is is that I can now walk out to my overgrown summer garden and see THIS:

Yup, Morning Glory vines are covering the entire garden! I never planted one darned seed out there but there they are, blooming and thriving!
Ironic, huh?

Guess I'll just enjoy these beauties from AFAR!


ana @ i made it so said...

oh it's gorgeous! and it's funny how our plans don't always go as we want them. the colour is so pretty! enjoy (even if from afar!)

Jami said...

Ha- I can never grow them where I want them either. ;-) I enjoyed this- thanks for sharing at the Tuesday garden Party!