Monday, August 2, 2010

Teenage boys...

This weekend was full of birthday celebrations. Kyle turned 13 on Thursday and Ryan turned 16 on Sunday. The only thing I wanted in all the world was to get a picture of my two teenage boys together...

Now stop it with the silly poses!

Quit fighting!

C'mon!!! It's NOT funny!

Seriously, these pictures will be the only thing I have left
when you leave me at the old folks home!

Put the dog down!

In the end, this was the best I could do:

Get a good look at those faces.
They may be on the next 'America's Most Wanted'.


CassB said...

Holy cow they have gotten big. I don't even recognize them anymore!

Don't let JP and Danny grow up. Put a brick on their heads.

Kalona said...

Cute pics! Happy birthday to Ryan. Did he make his own birthday cake, too?

JoAnnC. said...

Oh my goodness, NO! Ryan likes his food artfully prepared and served dutifully to him. He does NOT cook!