Thursday, August 26, 2010

Office Space

We are going on our ninth year of homeschooling this year!
A few changes are being made for everyone's sanity.

In year's past everyone just sat at the kitchen table...and I liked it that way! I would go through Ryan and Kyle's notebooks with them, review each lesson, then set them to work independently. Then I would call JP to the table and we would do his lessons together. When Danny came along, he wanted to sit with the big boys too, so he would get some busy work or a puzzle. It got to be really distracting for Ryan and Kyle, and I can't say I blame them. So this year everyone gets an independent work station or an office.

I set Danny up in the living room. He'll have some DVD's to watch a couple of times a week and that's where the TV is. He also has his own basket of books and manipulatives. I'll start him off first each day while the older kids finish up breakfast. Dan is definitely a morning person!

Kyle will be at the kitchen table. He likes it there because of the light and he likes to spread out! He also likes to be around Doug or I...doesn't matter where we are, he eventually gravitates there. The only drawback is that he'll have to move all of his stuff for lunch time. Hopefully, as the weather gets cooler, we can go outside to the picnic table for lunch!

JP is stationed in the den. John is very task oriented and usually gets his work done pretty fast so he can go roller blade. John will also get started first thing in the morning because his distractability increases dramatically as the day wears on (which is why he is facing a blank wall there. I'm hoping a small prayer to St. Anthony and St. Joseph will help him stay focused!)

Ryan likes to do his homework in his room. He has major issues with distractions and the solitude of his room is the only place that works for him.

I also set up a new schedule for our schooling and housekeeping. The grunt work will be done right off the bat! Math, spelling, English get done while they are fresh in the morning. It also assures that if we have errands to run in the afternoon that at least the basics are done. After a long break for lunch, we'll finish up history and science and work on scouting projects (and driver's ed. for Ryan!) Chores are a part of every day as well as their own free time to play, watch tv, or do whatever they want!

Family dinner together is a MUST! We are also implementing a nightly Bible and Catechism study after dinner. Religion as part of their school work was difficult because I had to prepare four different lessons. By making it part of our daily family life I think it will become part of their nature and lead to some really good discussions!

I'm really excited about everyone having their own office!
I will be centrally located in the kitchen and within close ear shot if anyone has questions. It'll also allow me to prep for meals and get the laundry done while they are I'll actually be productive, too!

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Kalona said...

You are so organized! It sounds like a wonderful plan.