Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Finishing projects week!

This week I am going to finish
restoring thrift store furniture!

I got this cabinet from the thrift store for the grand total of FIVE DOLLARS!
It was dirty, smelly, missing handles, and the wood on top was chipped....
just perfect for me!

It was also very roomy inside!
Great for all sorts of storage!

We took it home and gave it a good cleaning with hot soapy water. I removed the insert at the bottom and replaced the moldy fabric with a pretty print from my fabric stash. I was initially going to paint it, but the natural distress of the finish was far more beautiful than anything I could have done, so it stayed as is.

And two little glass knobs later...

It was the perfect addition to our living room!
And storage for quilts and afghans for the upcoming winter.

Stay tuned the rest of the week for all my little projects I'm trying to get done before I have to go back to work full time next week!

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