Monday, October 4, 2010

Let's face it, I'm cheap!

Kyle had a birthday party to attend this weekend. At the last minute, I realized that I didn't have any gift bags to "recycle" for his gift or any wrapping paper. I wasn't about to load up the kids to go to the dollar store so I started looking around the house for an alternative. I found a huge roll of brown craft paper and figured we'd make our own "designer" wrapping paper!

With a little acrylic paint and some leaves from the yard, Kyle made this pretty print:

I wrapped his gift with a little left over ribbon and even cut out a fig leaf from the extra paper to make a card!

~So much prettier than Sponge Bob and a plastic bow~

And while the wrapping job won't impress the 12 year old boy for whom the gift was intended, it DID make quite an impression on me! I must have 12 yards or more of that paper left...and I've got a whole lot of leaves and paint. I think I'll roll a bunch out over the picnic table in the backyard and let the kids create our Christmas wrapping paper!


Anonymous said...

This is so pretty!
When a kid's birthday comes around, my family and I wrap the presents with colored comics pages from the newspaper. I't takes very little time and money, all we need is a corner of the house where the pages can be stored unwrinkled until they're needed.

Linda said...

That's beautiful! Next Christmas project...