Monday, November 15, 2010

The Big "D"

For a while now I've been feeling rotten and just last week I found out why...

Type 2 Diabetes

Yeah, it sucks!

But my ever optimistic husband says it's a blessing in disguise. Now we know why I was feeling so bad and can now do something about it! I have all my testing supplies and medication, just not sure on the motivation to change my ways!

I've really brought this all on myself, let's face it...
In my family you ate when you were happy and you ate when you were sad and then you ate in between. A good meal solved all the world's problems! And as I've aged (and had babies) my weight has steadily gone up and up and up. I also HATE to exercise. No, seriously, I'd rather chew broken glass than walk around the block once! And now it has all caught up to me in the form of this disease.

I should be very thankful it had not advanced to Type 1. Type 2 can be curable with lifestyle changes. I'm also thankful for my precious family. Doug and the boys have resolved to go along with the diet changes with me. They're foregoing their love of chips, sugar, bread, and most other refined carbs because of their love for me. Well, except for John Paul, that boy is a chip junkie! But he promises that if he eats something that I can't it doesn't mean he doesn't love just means he REALLY loves chips!

Yeah, I'm truly blessed!

So please say a prayer for us as we make this transition to a new lifestyle. Working nights, trying to figure out when to test, when to eat, when to take meds will be a new adventure for me! Hopefully by this time next year I'll be a whole new (and healthier) woman. I'm giving myself a year to get completely healthy. I didn't gain this weight overnight and I certainly won't lose it overnight either.

I'm off to walk around the block now...

unless you know of where I can find a pile of broken glass to chew!


K said...

let's be buddies, JoAnne.
My blood sugar is fine but my lipids are horrendous. Scary bad considering my family history of heart disease.
I pretty much need to make the same changes you do as when I limited carbs and exercised was the only time my lipid profile didn't look too bad.
I reward myself with food, I pacify myself with food, I celebrate with get the idea.

Kalona said...

Dang. I'm sorry, JoAnn. You have a great attitude, and I'm sure you'll have it under control soon. Hugs from a fellow Type 2.

The Creamer Family said...


I know exactly what you're up against, but God doesn't give us anything we can't handle with Him. I have lost 60 lbs over the last five years, and while it has been a long road, I have kept it off and actually enjoy the exercise now. Just take is slow and don't give up! I will be praying for you.


Mum2eight said...

oh Jo,

I am so sorry to hear this. Even though it can be changed with lifesyle, it still is a horrible thing to go through.

I remember one day I was going through Tom's supplies and accidently pricked my finger. I thought lets see what my blood sugar is and when I read it, I was shocked. It was just over 200. I got very upset about it and thought what a bad example I am for Tom. I did change my eating habbits though and when I had the bgt for my pregnancy with Joseph, it was back in range. That would have been nearly 18 months. I know you can do it. There are lots of yummy foods that you can snack on and they won't add to your waiste line. Write yourself a list of low carb snacks that you like. That will make a big difference to the way you feel.