Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My dog is nuts!

Abby is nuts for nuts!
Pecans in particular. Any given day you can see her laying out back chomping on pecans....shells and all!
This is how she stalks me when I'm cracking nuts.
It's a little freaky!

But of course, every now and then I give in and give her one.

They taste so much better without the shells, don't they Abbs?


Kalona said...

She is so pretty. I've always heard that dogs should not eat nuts, JoAnn. They don't seem to be doing her any harm, but it might not hurt to check with your vet? Give her a hug for me!

K said...

My dog (lab mix) and the neigbors dog (chocolate lab) both chew/eat/play with pecans. Murphy's line is hooked to a pecan tree so they are all over 'his spot'. Osito (next door) loves to fetch pecans and then break them apart.