Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A BIG deal for me!

This weekend I dared to make this delightful (and FREE) pattern:

It's an infant snuggler/swaddler!
You can find the free downloadable pattern HERE.

This is a REALLY big step for me. To have hope that this baby will reach term to be swaddled in it is quite overwhelming! I bought some really cute fabric for 2 more swaddlers but didn't make them. I felt like I was "jinxing" things already by making one of them so I didn't tempt fate by making more.

Silly, I know.

We did have quite a scare earlier last week. For two days I didn't feel the baby moving at all. The L&D nurse in me kept saying that it was still early and that there will be days when I can't feel things...but the mommy in me was petrified the worst had happened. I finally called my doctor who ordered an ultrasound. When we heard the tech say, "Your baby is fine," Doug and I cried tears of joy! I was thoroughly prepared for her to tell me my baby was gone...but there he was, kicking and squirming...even playing peek-a-boo with us!

That very day I rented a doppler so we could listen to the heartbeat any time we wanted to.
And we do listen, A LOT!

Who says you can't buy peace of mind?

(BTW, turns out that I have an anterior placenta which means the placenta is covering the very front of the inside of the uterus. Every time the baby kicks, it kicks placenta instead of uterine wall. That's why I'm not feeling movement these days.)

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Linda said...

Praise HIM! I'm so happy for you.