Thursday, June 30, 2011

More crap from my garden...


This is the very first time I've ever grown garlic and I have to say that it's going to be a year round staple in the garden from now on! So easy to grow! I simply took one of the bulbs I purchased at the store, divided the cloves and stuck them into the soil about an inch deep. When they flowered, I just snipped off the flower to direct all the growing energy to the bulb, and when the tops died off I pulled them up.

They'll dry outside for a week or so and then I'll store them inside.

I have another garlic patch of about 25 cloves that should be ready in August. I'll save one of these cloves to plant when I pull my second harvest up.

Now if I could just wash this garlic smell off my hands!


GopherMommy said...

Sweet! We have started getting garlic scapes from our CSA. The garlic will come later. :)

Sara B said...

I think I read someplace that lemon juice and sugar mixed together will get garlic or onion smell off your hands!