Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shooting up

What I thought would be a routine doctor's appointment turned into an all day affair. My blood sugar is out of control and it doesn't matter how strictly I watch my carb intake or body is failing me.

Last night I gave myself my first insulin injection.

I'm overwhelmed.

Starting an insulin regimen while working hellacious 12 hour shifts where I don't have time to pee much less find time to eat on a schedule is daunting.

I'm scared.

But I have to do this for our baby. There is no choice. I know there could be worse things to worry about but this is still a big deal for me.I'll be taking a break from the rest of the week to deal with life

I'm thankful.

For all of you and your prayers! Where would we be without them?


Linda said...

Not just for this baby, but for the four you have already birthed. And for yourself. And for Doug.
You can do this.
I wish I were closer to DO something... always have been more of a Martha than Mary.

Your body is not failing you; it is challenging you, and you CAN DO THIS.

Mrs. Ohtobe said...

I recently started taking Byetta injections and am deathly afraid of needles. The auto-pen has been a breeze and honestly it takes me longer to press the plunger to prick myself to check my sugar than it does to use the autopen.

Anonymous said...

Honey, do you have to work at this time? I know you have to have talked this over with your doctor and he oked it but maybe you need to be able to rest more. ? Just wondering. Yes we are all still praying here too and very excited for you !! I have never had to give myself shots but had to give hubby ones and I never thought I could...but I could and did. You can do hour and one day at a time... Try to relax and put your cares on Him. Sarah

JoAnnC. said...

Still working and probably will until the day I deliver! NOT KIDDING! Just can't afford to take time off and I need to keep my insurance. I try to rest on my days off...I'm sure you know how that goes!
The injections aren't as bad as I thought. The needles are thin as a hair so you really don't feel them going in. Oh well, you know what they day at a time.