Thursday, September 8, 2011

Being "average" has never looked so good!

I had appointments with my regular OB and the perinatologist this week. I was dreading the perinatologist because at the last appointment I had with him he just kept going on and on about how HUGE my baby was (and was going to be!).
So, I've been eating well (most of the time) and taking my insulin on time. I was bracing myself for the news that she'd be five pounds by now, but there was no mention of her size. I finally broke down and asked him how big she was.
His answer:

"Oh, she's AVERAGE!
She's normal size and weight, about the 53rd percentile."

I was never so happy to hear the word AVERAGE to describe one of my children in all my life!
53rd percentile for size/weight is almost unheard of for insulin dependent diabetics, glad to hear I'm doing something right!

So Doug and I celebrated by going out to lunch complete with desert! LOL!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! God is soooo good ! What a blessing to hear she is average! :) Hearing this made my day! Sarah