Sunday, September 4, 2011

A labor of love...

Last Friday the ladies at work gave me the most wonderful baby shower!

Themes and decorations were planned and purchased. The break room was transformed into a pink garden wonderland. Even one of the nurses handmade this gorgeous cake!

Everyone brought a dish to share. The food was DELICIOUS! Even the patients cooperated for a while while we ate, laughed, and opened presents!

I was overwhelmed and humbled by this most gracious act of kindness!
There was a lot of time and effort put into this, and they took time out of their busy lives to do this for me and my baby. I told them I really didn't feel worthy of such a gift, after all, it was my fifth baby! But that's when one of the ladies said, "That's when you need something like this the most!"

I think she was right!
Thank you all for making me feel very special, very blessed, and very loved!

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Rachel said...

I know, commenting

Saw this, and thought of your wreath from the other day...thought you might enjoy making this one, too...