Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's just my little way of dealing with anxiety!

I go back to work in ten days!
I cannot go into all the anxiety and emotional turmoil that I'm feeling in regards to leaving my baby, so I'm channeling it into something productive: cooking.

I know Doug will be challenged trying to run the household with the newbie around. I'm hoping having some quick fix meals in the freezer will help lighten the load a little.

Last week I managed to stock the freezer with:

4 rounds of pizza dough
24 mini english muffin pizzas
1 chicken spaghetti casserole
4 lbs of taco meat
5 dozen green chili chicken tamales
2 quarts of pinto beans
20 twice baked potatoes
24 waffles

And this week I'm going to work on some casseroles. Pinterest has some great recipes, just type in "freezer meals" into the search engine.
I'm also adding a great little kitchen tip! Line your casserole dish with foil and freeze the casserole in the dish you will cook it in. When frozen, pop it out with the foil, wrap, and store in a large ziplock. When ready to cook, just put it back into the casserole dish and into the oven! This way you cut down on storage space AND clean up!

And don't worry, I have provided Mary Grace her own private stash of freezer meals!


Anonymous said...

Have you thought about a cottage industry of preparing freezer meals for other working folks and a book with all your kitchen tips.
Might even pay for family insurance you are so good at it and it should grow quickly. "aunt" nancy

JoAnnC. said...

Oh don't I wish!!! I'd rather do anything than be a nurse right now...I just want to stay home and take care of MY family, not someone else's!