Thursday, March 15, 2012

They're (almost) baaaack!

Have you filled your feeders yet?

The hummingbirds are coming back to the U.S. after wintering in South America THIS MONTH! You know they'll be hungry after their long journey so fill up your feeders with a 1:4 part sugar/water mixture. No need to dye the water, I had just used up the last bit of commercially prepared "nectar" I had in the fridge.

Hummingbirds will return to the same feeders year after year and we can't wait for our hummers to get back to Texas. Their antics at the feeders are better entertainment than anything on tv these days!

To track migration patterns and to see when hummingbirds are back in your area, check out:

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Anonymous said...

Our humming birds come into our yard all years long. Ya mean in Texas they don't? I am down to one good feeder and just got another new one. I am told to keep them both very far apart or the one group that uses the one will think the second one is theirs too. Sarah