Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Water kefir

Consuming water kefir is a great way to help your gut flora thrive and bring you increased immunity through improving digestion. The fermentation process not only produces great probiotics, but also a fizzy drink similar to soda (which is a real treat to our kids because we never buy the stuff!) It's also super cheap! I can make quarts of water kefir for literally pennies!

Other benefits of water kefir:

* It's a great way to obtain beneficial bacteria, minerals and enzymes.

* It soothes the intestinal lining and helps to heal inflammation.

* Helps to detoxify and cleanse the liver.

* Gives you more energy!

* Can help with skin conditions, acne, eczema, and overall improves health of skin and hair.

* Its tranquilizing effect on the nervous system has benefited many who suffer from sleep disorders, depression, ADHD and autism.

* Can stop unhealthy food cravings, especially cravings for sugar and sweet foods.

Making water kefir is extremely easy. First, you must purchase water kefir grains online or get them from a friend like me!

Add the following ingredients to a clean quart sized canning jar...

1 quart of spring water.
Do NOT use tap water as it contains chlorine which kills the friendly bacteria.

1/3 cup organic brown sugar.
You can also used plain old white sugar but the minerals in raw sugars really help keep your grains healthy.
If you're worried about the content of sugar, don't be, the kefir eats most of it! Totally safe for even diabetics to drink!
1 tsp of molasses
optional - use if you use refined sugar because it provides healthy minerals for the grains.

Mix ingredients until all the sugar is dissolved and add the kefir grains:

Place a cap on the jar and let it sit for 24 to 48 hours so it can ferment and create the water kefir.

After 24 hours, taste test it. If its too sweet, let it go another day. It can ferment up to 5 days. Then strain out your water kefir grains using a nylon strainer - contact with metal will also kill the bacteria.

Rinse the grains well with room temperature spring water and repeat the process using the grains. If you keep your grains happy and fed, they will reproduce like crazy. You can dehydrate them, freeze them, or share with your friends!

To flavor your kefir:

After the initial 12-48 hour ferment, strain your kefir into a clean jar and flavor with fresh or unsulphered dried fruits and juices. Here is a jar that we added organic grape juice and some elderberry syrup to. Once you add your desired flavors, seal tightly and let ferment another 24 hours, that's what gives you the fizzy component like soda~

Probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and low sugar content...

and the kids think they're getting a treat!
Can't beat that!


Anonymous said...

How much of the water keifer grains do you use? Per quart or such measurement..And is the water from the grocery store that says spring water ok? You always come up with things I never heard of but want to do! :) Thank You...Again! Sarah

JoAnnC. said...

An easy way to remember is 4 cups water, 4 tbs sugar, 4tbs grains. We use the bottled spring water from the store and they do fine. My grains are reproducing like crazy and I need to figure out how to dehydrate them, then I could send you some!

Linda said...

Wish I lived closer; I'd pick some up. Want to do this!

Christopher Hunt said...

Can I use more molasses?

JoAnnC. said...

Yes, you can definitely use more molasses depending on your taste. Beware though, they love molasses and will reproduce like crazy!