Monday, July 9, 2012


I give up! 
The bugs have WON!
My once beautiful little vegetable garden is now filled with thousands of evil leaf footed bugs and their demonic babies:

They are everywhere and have sucked the life out of all of my vegetables.  Sometime this week I am stripping the garden bare, except for my peppers and eggplants, they don't seem to want those.  I have scoured the internet and there doesn't seem to be any way to kill these bugs short of using poison, and I'm not doing that!  So I've decided to starve them and maybe they'll move on.

The only way I can think to avoid these critters is to move my garden.  I planted a new garden on the side of my house this year that is virtually bug free.  There are only sunflowers, medicinal  herbs, and one really HUGE luffa vine growing there:

This area may be my vegetable garden next year and my old vegetable garden boxes will probably grow my herbs...we'll see!  But for now I'm kinda done with the summer garden...well, more defeated than done.  But I'm sure I can find other projects to occupy my time!  

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