Thursday, July 19, 2012

We're headed to Arkansas!

Take a good look, these guys are the 
East Texas State Champions 
in 14 year old Babe Ruth baseball!  
They are headed to Mountain Home, Arkansas to compete in the Southwest Regional tournament next week.

I can't tell you how proud I am of these young men 
(and of course, one in particular!
You'll be glad to know that Texas will be very well represented.  These boys are such talented athletes as well as young men of character and sportsmanship.

If they win big in Arkansas, they will go onto the World Series in Utah.
This is definitely not a "kid's game," 
 we are in it to win it!

And if you could, say a prayer for their safety as they travel,
for them to play to the full potential of their God given talents,
and for some of the family they leave behind on this trip. 
(who cannot possibly go because of work/finances.
 GRRRRRR!  >:-<  )

Just know, boys, that a whole small town in southeast Texas is rooting for y'all!  Make some awesome memories and have the time of your life!


Kalona said...

Wow, congratulations guys! (One in particular). :o)

Prayers for safe travel and that you have a wonderful trip.

Anonymous said...

Hey, great!
How can we follow their progress?
Prayers, good wishes and yes a bit of wishing "I was going too".
"Aunt" Nancy

JoAnnC. said...

I'll be obnoxiously posting all about it on Facebook and will blog about it when we get back!