Monday, July 2, 2012

He's always been an All-Star to me!

Kyle has been playing baseball since he was six.
 I still remember it like it was yesterday...
 That sweet little boy walking up to the t-ball stand and taking a swing with a bat that was bigger than he was!
 He was the cutest thing ever!
But now he plays with the big boys.

Kyle played on two teams this year (silly me to think that ONE would be enough!), the Babe Ruth League here in Wharton and the Junior League in nearby Boling. 

He made All Stars in both leagues and lately it's been baseball almost every night of the week!

Yeah, it's been a bit of a pain because of the practice times and late night games, but I wouldn't miss any of it for the world.  You see, we've watched not only Kyle grow through the years out on that ball field, but many of his friends, too. 

 We've watched these little boys grow into young men.

They've not only become some really talented ball players, but young men of character.  It's been a privilege to watch them grow up.  These boys have played together year after year and have formed some great friendships, hopefully ones that will last a lifetime. 

That's life in a small town!
We sure do love our football and baseball...
but we love those boys out there even more!  

And you know I couldn't resist a picture 
of the cute cheerleader on the sidelines!

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