Saturday, February 1, 2014

'Back to Eden' meets 'Square Foot Gardening'

Got wood chips?
Well, I FINALLY do!

Last year I watched the documentary, "Back to Eden," and I wanted nothing more than to implement this philosophy into my own little backyard garden.  But despite living in the country, I couldn't find anyone who would deliver wood chips without charging us an arm and a leg.  So I resolved to just continue mulching my beds with hay and leaves.

Friday morning I awoke to the sound of tree trimmers in our neighborhood and I begged Doug to ask them if we could have the wood chips.  They promptly dumped a truck full of chips right in my backyard FOR FREE!

 Oh, what a glorious site!
(See, I'm not hard to please!  Most women want jewelry and clothes,
 just give me wood chips, seeds, and plants and I'm over the moon!)

I spent Saturday morning cleaning out my raised beds and then happily mulched with inches and inches of wood chips. Then I spent all of Saturday evening in bed with my bad back, but it was sooo worth it to get these wood chips and I cannot wait to see how they impact my gardening this year!

If you haven't watched the "Back to Eden" film, you can check it out at the official site HERE.

I'm going to take two Aleve and call it a day!

Happy gardening!

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