Thursday, February 20, 2014

I surrender!

Feeling a bit overwhelmed and out of control right now.

Two boys in baseball with overlapping games and practices, a whole city apart (which equates to an 1 1/2  hour commute each way, not to mention games!).  
Another son and husband in college classes 3-5 days a week.  
A stressful job that calls me on my days off to work extra.  Responsibilities of homeschooling, running a household, growing our own food, CCD classes, and First Communon prep.  Continuing to try to keep walking for my health, even if it means doing it at 10pm at night!

Oh yeah, and then there's that surly redheaded young lady 
who is rocking my world.

But she sure is cute, isn't she?

Trying to take the time to quiet my mind and soul from endless lists and duties.  Trying to be so very thankful for all the blessings we have been given and trials we've been spared.

One word keeps forcing it's way into my brain,


I'm a control freak.
I don't like that word.
I don't like it because you can't see what is beyond it.

God has proved himself time and again to me, 
but I still need to relinquish my desire to have things my way.

 I need to rest in the knowledge of the love of God.

I can't make everything work, only HE can.

So in the midst of dirty laundry and between innings,
I'm giving it all to Him,
taking a deep breath,
and surrendering.

My mantra, my daily prayer...
"Jesus, I trust in you"

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