Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Curse you, Polar Vortex!

This past weekend it was 80 degrees. 
This morning we wake up to frozen precipitation. 
I know we don't have anything on you folks up north, 
but this is a BIG deal in south Texas!

Everything is FROZEN!  
I sure hope my Meyer lemon tree can come back from this 
(as well as all the new growth from the bulbs I planted and tender shoots from the roses that were just pruned!)

Luckily, I moved my seedlings inside before the cold hit.

Curse you, Polar Vortex, for ruining my gardening plans!
I think I'll wait until April 1st to plant anything else,
that way if mother nature decides to punk me,
it will be legit!

While you're staying warm inside,
have a cup of hot coffee and listen to 
Jimmy Fallon and Idina Menzel 
sing "Let It Go" from the movie "Frozen"
and I dare 'ya not to sing along!

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