Monday, March 31, 2014

Baseball mamas around the world, REJOICE!

I have discovered a way to get white baseball pants white again!
The secret is in this cheap (as in less than a dollar) bar of soap 
you can find in the laundry aisle:


Just grate a bit of it into a bowl, put about a tablespoon on the stain with a little hot water and scrub until the soap dissolves.  I also sprayed a bit of Oxy Clean on the stain before throwing these pants in the wash with the leftover bits of Zote.

It not only works on that lovely ground in orange clay, 
but grass stains too!  
In less than a minute of scrubbing, 
the stains were GONE!

Now my boys can show up to the ball field looking clean and neat. 
And I can show up to the ball field not looking like a bad mother!

Kyle was disappointed that his pants were a little too clean. 
 He told me, "Mom, you don't want to be the guy 
with the cleanest pants on the team!"

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