Thursday, April 2, 2009

An award!

Karen, at Nine Texans, gave me this sweet award on her blog.

Karen said:

JoAnn is a great mom of 4 busy boys. Homeschooling, working as an L&D nurse, supporting her husband in his photography business and homemaker extraordinaire. I just love reading about her crafty decorating, sewing and cooking projects. She has really inspired me to teach myself how to sew.

That is so sweet! Thanks so much for thinking of me!
I'm passing this nifty award on to some awesome bloggers...

Kalona, a beautiful example of a Christian woman. She tirelessly takes care of everyone around her and I love reading about her days. She even homeschools her grandchildren (who are absolutely adorable!) She is a wonderful inspiration!


Sonya, my sister. She has a lovely blog with her AMAZING quilling work. She's always been the crafty type, but with quilling, she has taken it to another level...she has really found her niche with this! She is also a wonderful mother and grandmother and is now enjoying her empty nest as she and her husband go galavanting around the globe (and I'm still waiting to see those pictures from Israel!)


Sonya said...

Thanks Jody, please tell what I am to do since this is my first! blog award? Do I pass it on? And just how do I do that? Ok, I've just been doing data entry, office manger stuff with the computer but still am a blogger newbie!!! lol.

JoAnnC. said...

Pass it on if you want. It's a nice way to increase traffic to other blogs as well as your own.
Just copy the picture (right click and save picture as...) the upload to your post. Name as many as you want!