Monday, May 4, 2009

(No more) Menu Plan Monday

You read it right! This perpetual list maker, uber-planner, and infinite scheduler is ditching her weekly meal plan ritual. The garden is finally beginning to produce and we'll leave to chance as to what we eat each day. I figure at the beginning of each week we will grill or roast a bit of meat to enjoy over the week, make a double batch of Artisan Bread to keep on hand, and then eat whatever the garden gives us that day.
It's quick, simple, healthy, and best of all - it's cheap!
It's also quite liberating not to have to plan, cook, and shop so diligently - maybe we'll have more time to dig our toes into the sand at the beach!


Rachel said...

LOL--you post this just as I am getting ready to plan my menu for the next couple of weeks (my parents come in for a week-long visit, this coming Saturday afternoon)...

We've had spinach. But the peas are beginning to pod, and we know we'll have lettuce and spinach...but nothing else from the garden (except maybe an early onion). Salads are pretty nummy, though--esp alongside some of our homegrown pork... :-)

Kalona said...

Sounds wonderful, JoAnn.