Saturday, May 23, 2009

Reuseable sandwich wrappers

A few weeks ago, I saw this product online and figured I could make a pretty good knock-off I did!
I found some patriotic fabric in honor of this Memorial Day weekend and made up six wrappers for under three bucks.
I cut 12"X12" squares of fabric, placed right sides together and sewed. Make sure you leave a small gap to turn your project right side out! Press seams and run a stitch all the way around for stability (and to close up that hole you just turned the fabric through!)
I used fusible hook and loop tape for my closures.
They turned out really cute and now I won't have to worry about having enough plastic sandwich bags on hand or the expense!
I also like that it makes a clean eating surface for the kids.
I bought some extra fabric for a drawstring bag
(you can check out that tutorial HERE).
Toss in our sandwiches, a little fruit, and some juice boxes and we're off to the beach or pool....

...or an impromptu lunch on the back porch:
John Paul says they make pretty good napkins, too.

Thank goodness it can all be thrown in the wash and be fresh for next time!

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Aussie Therese said...

oh Wow. JOAnn,

They are great.

I may have to try these myself. Maybe it will stop my children from taking my plates outside and not bringing them back.