Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thrift store treasures

Every now and then our thrift store puts out retired school library books.
John Paul says they're really old from when I was a kid!

I absolutely LOVE them!
The worn covers, the smell, the old library cards pasted in the back of them!

I particularly love the wonderful stories and illustrations. You just can't get that with books printed today.

Replaced with "better material"?
I think not!

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Rachel said...

I am *so* with you on that! I love the old discarded library books. We bought a bunch in Germany before we left there, from a DRMO sale. AHHHHHH the smell of old library books...

And you are right on the "better material"...good night, these are probably the same people who think that that "Twilight" series (it is a series, right?) is high quality literature..

Frankly, I wonder if we aren't headed towards a Farenheit 451 type mindset...eventually...ykwim...

I've not been thrifting in a long time...not much good around here...even yard sale season is iffy.

Good finds, though!