Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Knock, knock...

"Who's there?"
"Turnip who?"
"Turnip the heat! It's cold in here!"

Turnips will be here by Christmas time!
How the heck do you cook them? Do you use the greens as well?
Help me "turnip" something tasty for Christmas dinner!


K said...

Grandma always did them very simply. Peel, chunk, boil 'til tender. Mash with butter, salt and pepper.
No greens but I grew up in NJ and the only leafy green eaten that a-way is spinach.

Rachel said...

LOL--well, you could bring them up here and I could give them to my cows.

I believe that you can peel them, cube them, and mash them like potatoes. Or slice them and cook them up in a casserole. Chop them up into bite sized pieces and put them into soup?

How many do you have?

Aussie Therese said...

The only way I have ever cooked a turnip is to put it in a vegetable soup.

Shari said...

Turnip greens are like mustard greens I think. A little salt pork and water...

Kalona said...

My niece's husband's family makes mashed potatoes and turnips for Thanksgiving--it's a tradition. I can't remember what they call it; it was a funny name. Not sure if they cook the potatoes and turnips separately, then mix together,or whether they cook them all together and mash. I think they just add a couple of big turnips to a large pot of potatoes, so not too much turnip taste. I'm not being very helpful, am I? Too sketchy on the details. :o)