Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A gardening experiment

...because I'm a big nerd and have nothing better to do!

I subscribe to The Farmer's Almanac on Twitter and they recently had an article on gardening by the moon phases. I thought it was intriguing and since we have a full moon today I thought I'd perform a little garden experiment of my own.

By their predictions, today and tomorrow are good for planting root crops.  I already have some garlic and onions planted and they have begun to sprout nicely.  Today I went in between my rows and planted a second time to see if this "full moon" business has any merit. 

I might go ahead and plant an extra row or two of radishes and carrots, too (like I need an excuse to plant more stuff, right?).  I've already planted my beans, okra, and squash and because  listened to the local garden extension office instead of The Farmer's Almanac, we've had a freeze the last two nights and I'm going to have to replant about half my beans!  Luckily, The Almanac has the dates listed as to when to plant what!

So we'll see if The Almanac is right about gardening by the phases of the moon, and even if it isn't, it makes gardening a little more fun and adventurous....
and gives my family one more reason to question my mental health!

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Anonymous said...

Is it too late to order tomato
I would have to plant them in wooden tubs as there isn't room in the "flower beds".